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The Shiba Inu community has been markedly more active following the launch of the Ethereum Layer 2 network Shibarium. However, with this rise in activity has come a lot of bad actors trying to take advantage of the situation. As a result, a team member has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to warn both the community and exchanges of issues that have arisen.

Shiba Inu Team Member Reveals There Is No LinkedIn

With the proliferation of fake Shiba Inu pages among social media platforms, LinkedIn, a platform tailored for professionals to build their networks and careers, has not been left out. This has prompted a SHIB team member who goes by Ragnar to clear the air.

According to Ragnar, the Shiba Inu project did not have any official LinkedIn page, serving as a warning for users on the platform. But, Ragnar did not stop there as they moved further to address crypto exchanges in the post.

They revealed that they had been receiving messages from exchange representatives who were being approached about listing the meme coin on the Fantom blockchain. However, Ragnar warned that there was no such token on the Fantom blockchain as SHIB had never been launched on the network.

“There’s no FTM version of SHIB and there’s no Official SHIB LinkedIn,” Ragnar said. “There’s only a Metaverse SHIB Linkedin managed by Marcie. That’s all.”

Scammers Are Always On The Prowl

This is not the first time that a warning will be issued to the Shiba Inu community following the launch of Shibarium. In September, another team member took to X (formerly Twitter) to warn users of a scam that was deployed on the blockchain. Users were warned to stay away from the projects carrying out funding attacks.

Crypto scams have been known to be disastrous to users. A recent Guardian report revealed that a UK man was scammed out of 300,000 pounds. Another report from CNBC detailed how a 77-year-old retired civil servant named Marjorie Bloom was scammed out of $661,000.

Earlier in the week, news broke that a number of Binance users in Hong Kong had lost over $450,000 as a result of phishing messages that were sent as text messages. Following this, the Hong Kong police posted a notice on social media to keep the public aware of the scam.

These scams are not discriminatory as these bad actors will defraud anyone who lands in their net. This is why it is important to keep community members aware of any identified scams to help them stay away and keep their crypto safe.

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