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The competition between Ripple and Ethereum has been a long-running one given the capabilities of both networks. This was further exacerbated by the fact that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chose to bring a lawsuit against Ripple over XRP being allegedly a security but the same was not done about Ethereum’s ETH token.

Both communities have since been at loggerheads with each one trying to prove that they’re better than the other. As a result of this, a video from 2014 has been dug up where Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin seems to be praising Ripple.

‘Ripple Is The Internet Of Value’

In the video that was posted by X (formerly Twitter) user @NerdNationUnbox, Buterin seems to be very convinced about the value proposition of Ripple. The setting which suggests a talk at an event featured a young Vitalik Buterin talking about what Ethereum is really about.

The 14-second video seems to be focused on the ‘internet of value’ which the Ethereum founder explained that people often think Ethereum is about. However, as he explained, Ethereum is not the internet of value. Rather, the founder said that Ripple is actually the internet of value.

Internet of value is actually a concept that was presented by Ripple which looked to build an Internet that makes it easy for people to transfer any asset of value seamlessly between themselves. It consists of any asset that could be valuable including information, internet currencies, stocks, etc, to be transferred instantly to someone.

Ethereum Founder Really A Fan Of XRP?

Steven Nerayoff who has become widely known in crypto circles as the ‘Ethereum Whistleblower’ is back once again and going for Vitalik Buterin. In an October 13 post, Nerayoff tagged Buterin, whom he describes with #CryptoJudas, saying that he actually wanted to be XRP.

Nerayoff attached a screenshot of a deleted tweet from the Ethereum founder talking about XRP as sound money. “But he’s so shy he deleted his tweet which is in this article stating that XRP is ‘better sound money than Bitcoin’,” Nerayoff wrote.

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Source: X

However, as other X users have pointed out, Buterin seemed to actually be making fun of XRP in the tweet. Responding to another user who presented Bitcoin as sound money, Buterin said “The chart for XRP/XRP would look the same”, but his use of ‘TM’ with the terms Institutional adoption and Partnerships suggests he was not being serious as this has been an established way to joke about something on the internet.

Nevertheless, the post is still very open to interpretation and there have been responses from both sides. One Ripple community member stated:

This is the same guy who a few months earlier was rejoicing when XRP was attacked by the SEC, he also was angry that Chris Larsen had suggested the Chinese had too much influence in BTC and ETH.  XRP really hit a nerve not because we were wrong, but because we could see through his scammy games.

Ripple XRP price chart from (Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin

XRP mounts impressive recovery | Source: XRPUSD on

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