Litecoin and Polkadot holders exploring the Pomerdoge…


More Litecoin and Polkadot investors are exploring Pomerdoge. Notable, the broader crypto community and meme coin enthusiasts have picked out Pomerdoge in the ongoing presale.

The Pomerdoge project

Pomerdoge aims to combine non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform, and a meme token; an approach already drawing interest from investors and users.

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Central to Pomerdoge’s universe is its P2E game, where global players can compete and even earn rewards. The platform aims to fuse leisure and, possibly, financial opportunities as players engage.

Pomerdoge creators are also developing Pomerplace, a marketplace for in-game assets. Here, players can transact and exchange NFTs.

POMD, the platform’s native token, primes the Pomerdoge ecosystem. The token offers real-world utility and holders can receive rewards from staking.

In the ongoing Pomerdoge presale, POMD is available for $0.007 but is set to increase in subsequent phases.

Financial experts and crypto analysts are drawing parallels between Pomerdoge and Dogecoin. Anchoring the performance of Dogecoin’s growth in the last bull cycle, POMD supporters predict POMD to reach $1.00 by 2024.

Litecoin fails to rally after halving

In Q2 2023, LTC prices rose from $69 to around $115 in just two weeks. Analysts pinned the upswing on the anticipated Litecoin halving event. Historically, halving events tend to support prices.

Yet, the LTC rally pre and post-halving was short-lived since the coin fell below $100 to around $86.52 when writing, contracting previous price patterns that print after halving. 

For this reason, some analysts are convinced Litecoin’s popularity is decreasing. It is a preview that has seen some LTC holders explore new opportunities, diversifying their crypto portfolios.

LTC holders are concurrently examining the Pomerdoge project and analyzing its token’s real-world utility. 

Amid this, POMD holders are convinced that there is still potential for further upsides in the upcoming days.

Polkadot analysis: DOT declines, shift to Pomerdoge?

DOT is down 90% from 2021 peaks, falling from $55 in November 2021 to around $5.03 when writing with support at $4.30. 

Investor sentiment is also bearish. The recent drop below $6 highlights the low confidence among supporters.

Polkadot bulls are looking at $4.30 as critical support. Although some might buy the dip, there’s no guarantee that DOT will rally in the future. This is especially considering crumbling adoption–down 14% in the past week. 

While Polkadot trails other layer-1 platforms, investors are beginning to take notice of Pomerdoge’s presale as the project’s goal of dominating the meme token market. 

Some analysts see the POMD presale as a chance for savvy investors to broaden their base, diversifying from DOT.

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