Early XRP Investor who made millions sets sight on a new crypto

Early XRP Investor who made millions sets sight on a new crypto


Success stories often emerge from the early pioneers who had the vision and courage to invest in innovative digital assets. One such story revolves around an anonymous early Ripple (XRP) investor who not only witnessed the remarkable rise of Ripple’s native token but also had the foresight to cash out at $3 per XRP, amassing millions in the process.

With a seasoned eye for promising blockchain projects, this investor has set his sights on a new crypto gem, InQubeta ($QUBE), poised to make waves in the digital landscape.

InQubeta has broken new ground in the world of crypto crowdfunding by introducing the concept of fractional investment in AI startups through the use of $QUBE tokens. This unique approach allows investors to participate in the growth and success of AI technology, making it more accessible and democratized. 

Let’s explore why this XRP investor, who cashed out at $3, is now interested in InQubeta after making millions.

InQubeta’s NFT Marketplace on Ethereum

The fact that InQubeta leverages the Ethereum blockchain adds to the factors compelling propelling investors to its ongoing presale. 

By utilizing the Ethereum blockchain’s robust capabilities, this NFT marketplace establishes a secure and transparent investment ecosystem. Ethereum’s smart contract functionality plays a unique role in the creation of InQubeta’s top NFT marketplace, which is based on the ERC721 standard. This marketplace offers many advantages, including enhanced flexibility, interoperability, and functionality for investors and startups.

InQubeta’s top NFT marketplace introduces an exclusive investment opportunity for AI tech startups, granting them access to a diverse investor community within the InQubeta ecosystem. By listing their investment NFTs on the InQubeta marketplace, these startups open doors to a broader audience of investors and gain access to invaluable support and guidance from a seasoned team of industry professionals. InQubeta’s commitment to creating a fair and equitable investment ecosystem shows its dedication to fueling the growth and success of AI technology startups.

One distinctive aspect of InQubeta is its responsible approach to token release. By vesting the $QUBE token for 12 weeks, the platform ensures a gradual release of new tokens into circulation, promoting stability and trust among investors. This measured approach contributes to creating a sustainable, long-term investment ecosystem for those interested in the future of AI technology.

InQubeta’s commitment to security and transparency is unwavering. This crypto ICO has prioritized comprehensive auditing and compliance processes to safeguard its users. Independent audits conducted by renowned cybersecurity experts from Hacken have meticulously examined InQubeta’s smart contracts, verifying the platform’s security and functionality. This rigorous auditing process is a testament to InQubeta’s dedication to maintaining a secure user environment, making it the best crypto investment option.

Ripple pioneering cross-border payments

Ripple is a prominent cryptocurrency known for its focus on facilitating cross-border payments and serving as a bridge currency in the financial industry. Its unique consensus algorithm, the Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RPCA), sets it apart from traditional proof-of-work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Ripple (XRP) gained widespread attention due to its partnership with various financial institutions and its potential to revolutionize international money transfers by offering faster and more cost-effective solutions.

One notable success story within the $XRP community is that of an anonymous early investor who made millions by investing in $XRP and eventually cashed out when its price reached $3 per token. This individual’s foresight and belief in the cryptocurrency paid off handsomely as Ripple’s value soared during the crypto market bull run. 


InQubeta is a crypto gem that is drawing the interest of investors and AI startups in search of promising opportunities within the crypto space.  Its innovative approach to AI startup investments, responsible token management, robust security measures, and transparency position it as the best crypto investment prospect. 

As the crypto community continues to seek promising opportunities, InQubeta’s vision of revolutionizing AI startup funding and engagement is a compelling option that investors should keep a close eye on.

To participate in the ongoing InQubeta ($QUBE) presale visit InQubeta Presale or join the InQubeta communities on LinkedIn.



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