Dragon Daisy Super League launches crypto-powered football…


Dragon Daisy Super League has successfully launched a cryptocurrency-powered football tournament, taking Vietnam’s love for soccer and web3 to the next level.

Vietnam’s Dragon Daisy bringing crypto and sports together 

While Vietnam, a Southeast Asian nation with a population of about 100 million people may not be known on the global stage as a footballing heavyweight, as its national team (Doi tuyen bong da quoc gia Viet Nam) has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup, the beautiful game remains part of Vietnam’s national identity.

According to VN Express, a local news source, despite the country’s national team’s failure to qualify for the recently concluded Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, Vietnam picked up the television rights to the football Mundial for an impressive $12 million, to keep its residence involved in the event.

Just like its ‘mad’ love for the world’s most popular sport, Vietnam is one of the nations occupying the frontline of Web3 and crypto innovation. 

Per a Chainalysis study released last September, Vietnam ranked number one in the world’s crypto adoption index, dwarfing the United States and several other established nations.

Now, Decentralized AI Systems (D.AI.SY) Global, a next-gen, disruptive artificial intelligence and Web3 project powered by the tron (TRX) blockchain, is aiming to combine Vietnam’s affinity for innovative technologies with its love for sports, to transform the country’s grassroots football ecosystem and grow a new crop of footballers that could become world beaters through the Dragon Daisy Super League.

The Dragon Daisy Super League 

The Dragon Daisy Super League is the world’s first football league entirely powered by crypto and smart contracts. 

Dragon Daisy Super League launches crypto-powered football tournament - 1

Though the league is not under the purview of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), it mirrors the standards of Vietnam’s top professional football leagues like the V.League 1 and 2. The Dragon Daisy Super League boasts some of the best talents across the region, including a player that scored the best goal during the FIFA Futsal Cup 2021 tournament, a Vietnamese futsal competition golden ball winner, former and current national team players, and more. 

Dragon Daisy Super League launches crypto-powered football tournament - 2

As a first-of-its-kind football ball league, the Dragon Daisy Super League is already gaining significant traction in Vietnam, attracting lots of football and crypto lovers in the region. Daisy recently concluded its 7-a-side football championship, which attracted huge interest from the top grassroots soccer teams across Vietnam.

The recently concluded Dragon Daisy Super League 7-a-side Cup championship was broadcasted live to more than 1.5 million people in the country, with some of the leading brands in the region using the event as an opportunity to showcase their products and services.  

Dragon Daisy Super League launches crypto-powered football tournament - 3

The 7-a-side competition, which was held in the small Vietnamese town of Hoi An, an UNESCO World Heritage city, enabled the nation’s best amateur football talents to showcase their skills and get rewarded in crypto, while also providing entertainment and job opportunities for residents and visitors alike. 

The funds generated through the various sponsorship deals signed during the event will be fully re-invested into the league, to boost its growth. Building upon the success of the just concluded 7-a-side championship, Daisy will officially commence this season’s Dragon Daisy Super League on Mar. 18. 

For Eduard Bro, the founder of Dragon Daisy Super League, the borderless nature and inclusivity of crypto made integrating it into the project a frictionless endeavor. Eduard has his business partner, Yonko Petkov have worked hard for the past three years to make the launch of Dragon Daisy Super League successful. 

“Just like football, crypto presents endless opportunities to people. As football lovers and believers in the potential of blockchain technology, we are very enthusiastic about the Dragon Daisy Super League, as we see it as a great platform that could lay a solid foundation for talented Vietnamese amateur footballers to become professionals. All our players are under Daisy smart contracts, to ensure that each and every one of them gets paid on time. We say a big thank you to Thang Bom Media, Daisy Dragon League players and our partner, Mr Bom Thang Do for their support,” he added.

The DDLeague team is putting the finishing touches to a fantasy football feature on its platform, to enable fans to predict which team will emerge as champions each season and win juicy rewards in NFTs and more. The fantasy league feature will go live on Mar., 17.  For now, fans can get key statistics, videos, player profiles and other details concerning Dragon Daisy Cup on the DDLeague website.

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