Digital Shovel Announces S300 MiniPOD Line Of Modular Crypto…


Digital Shovel, a leader in Bitcoin mining infrastructure, today announced the latest evolution of its MiniPOD line of modular cryptocurrency mining datacenters, the S300 MiniPOD. The S300 builds on the design and functionality of Digital Shovel’s previous products, improving on many aspects of the installation and operation of a portable mining container.

The S300 has minimized the materials required for the pod, leading to a claimed 60% reduction in shipping costs from Digital Shovel to the deployment site. The container can be set up and installed on-site from a flat shipping pack within four hours, requiring only two people and no heavy lifting equipment necessary.

“As a pioneer of the modular approach to cryptocurrency mining data centers, we constantly strive to expand, improve and innovate our already advanced product line,” said Scot Johnson, CEO of Digital Shovel. “The S300 MiniPOD represents the cutting-edge in mining, allowing customers to continue achieving maximum efficiency and profit wherever they choose to establish their data centers.”

The new MiniPOD has integrated new features with the goal of streamlining operator maintenance and device profitability during operations. Four 1.1 KW direct drive fans contribute to increasing airflow from 60,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to 88,000 CFM, a 32% increase in air flow from previous models. With mitigation of heat build up being one of the core logistical issues of mining operations, this is a very attractive improvement.

In addition to the increased airflow, a new two-stage air intake filtration system has been upgraded with a 1 inch pre-filter that can be changed from outside the POD housing and handle protecting your machines from external contaminants, as well as improve the lifetime and durability of the primary air filter.

The POD also includes automated power distribution units (PDUs) to enable remote monitoring and management of electrical systems, and at a cheaper cost (almost 35%) than competitors in the industry. This is accomplished thanks to their vertically-integrated production facilities in North America.

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