Delaware Judge allows FTX to sell up to $100 million of coins every week

Delaware Judge allows FTX to sell up to $100 million of…


A Delaware District Judge recently gave the green light to a plan allowing FTX, the bankrupt crypto exchange, to sell off billions in digital assets under specific guidelines, aimed at returning funds to creditors.

Delaware District Judge John Dorsey approved a plan on Sep. 13 to allow FTX, one of the widely known bankrupt crypto exchanges, to liquidate billions of dollars in digital assets.

The approval comes after debtors submitted a proposal in August, outlining the sale of the exchange’s cryptocurrency holdings. This move aims to address the complicated financial landscape FTX is navigating, all while attempting to return funds to the creditors.

The approved plan places certain restrictions on the sale process to ensure a methodical and structured approach. The estate’s sale activities will be overseen by a financial advisor, with a weekly sales limit set at $100 million for the majority of tokens.

This ceiling can be increased to $200 million, although adjustments will be evaluated on an individual token basis. Prior to selling high-profile digital currencies such as Bitcoin(BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the estate is obligated to provide a 10-day advance notice to the US Trustee’s office.

In a strategic move, FTX has expressed its intent to hedge Bitcoin and Ethereum(ETH) to minimize the impact of market volatility on the proceeds generated from the sales.

Furthermore, the estate has reserved the right to stake particular tokens—essentially participating in token-based activities that could generate additional income. This is seen as a way to potentially enhance the returns that could be distributed to the creditors.

Amidst these developments, tech firm DWF Labs has expressed interest in acquiring FTX’s assets.

Andrei Grachev, presumably a representative from DWF Labs, conveyed through a tweet that the firm aims to offer the “best execution price” for the assets.

The acquisition would be targeted at mitigating the risk of drastic market fluctuations, potentially triggered by large-scale, aggressive selling.

DWF Labs aims to prevent a scenario that could revert the crypto market to its 2020 capitalization levels.

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