Decentraland announces the first metaverse architecture & design biennale embassy event


On Jan.6, Decentraland announced its first-ever metaverse architecture and design biennale embassy. The event was created by and Metancy and set to be deployed at DCL coordinates -67:10. 

Decentraland just announced the first metaverse architecture & design Biennale, an open-cross competition in the 3D space. The event is an architectural festival carried out in the metaverse. 

It is a unique experience that will be a large district that is a union of architectural pieces created by major architects. It will include events, public talks, lectures, and performances.

The event hopes to host over 50,000 visitors over five days, and has a 1-month grace period open to public exposition. 

How to take part

The biennale event will be open to anyone who wants to visit by browsing it on the internet and getting direct access without registration. Also, registered users will have a unique opportunity that allows them to participate in NFT contests and will be in a position to receive gifts and other merch. 

Part of the major visitors will be creators from all over the globe who will be able to pitch new ideas about the Metaverse and can win grants for realization. Opinion leaders and partners funding the organizations will also attend, allowing effective collaboration among creators.

Note the event will be available on two major platforms, Decentraland and Arhead. 

The program for the event will start with opening and closing sermons then the lectures and public talks will follow. The final part will be the Architecture carnival which will encourage developers and visitors to have fun as they reveal their personalities through their avatars.

The event will be a chance for creators and metaverse enthusiasts to interact and share their ideas freely, even standing a chance to win merch and trade NFTs.

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