Coinbase will remain in US despite regulatory uncertainty


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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has affirmed their commitment to remain in the US, dismissing any notion of departure. 

Earlier, Armstrong had raised concerns about the uncertain crypto regulatory landscape in the country and hinted at the possibility of relocating Coinbase overseas if circumstances warranted such a move.

In an interview, Armstrong emphasized that Coinbase had no intention of departing and underlined the immense significance of the US market for the exchange. 

He reiterated its dedication to adhering to US regulations. Despite acknowledging the region’s potential as a robust crypto market, Armstrong admitted the challenges posed by regulatory ambiguity.

Nonetheless, Coinbase remains determined to navigate these complexities and foster a more straightforward crypto regulatory framework.

On Aug. 4, Coinbase’s counsel Paul Grewal formally requested the dismissal of the lawsuit filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against the exchange. 

Citing the recent XRP ruling as a precedent, this motion underscores the exchange’s confidence in prevailing against SEC’s allegations.

The commission filed a lawsuit against Coinbase in early June, alleging violations of securities laws related to listing and trading 13 digital assets without proper registration.

Coinbase has rejected these claims and is confident in its legal position that the disputed cryptocurrencies are not classified as securities. Additionally, the exchange believes that the SEC does not have jurisdiction over these cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase has stated in its legal response that they believe the actions taken by the SEC are not following due process, abusing authority, and contradicting its previous interpretations of securities laws.

The exchange believes SEC’s focus on enforcement, without clear regulations for the digital asset industry, is harming America’s economic competitiveness and hindering the growth of innovative businesses.

A court hearing on Aug. 23 will review the lawsuit. The decision on whether the case will proceed or be dismissed will depend on the arguments presented by both parties.

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