Can Solana Sustain Its Recent Rally? What Traders Should…


Solana (SOL) has been making waves in the cryptocurrency market with an impressive price performance since the beginning of 2023. The digital currency has recorded a staggering 195% increase in its value during this period, leaving traders and investors eager to know whether this rally can be sustained in the months to come.

From its humble beginnings at $9.97, the price of SOL has rapidly ascended to nearly $30 in the span of just 10 months. At the time of writing, SOL is valued at $30.72 at CoinGecko, boasting impressive 24-hour gains of 3.6% and an astonishing seven-day rally of 38.9%.

Technical analysts are cautiously optimistic about SOL’s future trajectory. They suggest that under the right conditions, SOL could potentially double in value. According to a recent price analysis report, the coin might appreciate to $32, although this uptrend is expected to proceed at a more measured pace compared to the aggressive pump witnessed in July.

SOL price action in the last week. Source: Coingecko

Recent price action at around $30 certainly raises questions about SOL’s potential to reach $32, but many factors remain in play. What’s undeniable is that Solana’s impressive performance relative to major cryptocurrencies makes it an asset worth watching closely.

Solana Key Levels And Potential Scenarios

If SOL’s upward momentum continues, there are several notable price targets to watch for. The key resistance levels to keep an eye on are at $30, $32, $33.8, and $37.4.

If the cryptocurrency manages to break through these levels, it could signal a sustained bullish trend, and investors may consider these points as potential areas for profit-taking or reassessment of their positions.

Alternatively, if selling pressure prevails in the near future, SOL could decline to the crucial support at $24, indicating a potential shift in the trend. Keep an eye on $24 as a significant level for decision-making.

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SOL market cap currently at $12.956 billion. Chart:

A Promising Breakthrough

In a separate report, it is highlighted that Solana has successfully overcome the $25.86 hurdle after nearly a year of struggling to do so. This achievement serves as a testament to the strength of the bullish sentiment within the SOL market.

However, investors should be prepared for a potential minor pullback to $25.86 or $24.43 as part of the ongoing price action. A rebound from these levels is crucial for kickstarting a rally with the ambitious target of $69.79 in sight.

Solana’s impressive run so far in 2023 has not gone unnoticed. With technical indicators and support levels in play, traders and investors should keep a keen eye on SOL, as it navigates its way through the volatile crypto landscape, offering both opportunities and risks in the quest for substantial gains.

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