Block Bitcoin Revenue Soars by 37.5%, Boosting SQ Stock…


Block, the fintech giant co-founded by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has recently seen its stock price surge in after-hours trading. This followed its Q3 earnings report that exceeded analyst expectations.

A significant factor in this financial upswing is a 37.5% increase in Bitcoin revenue, which rose from $1.76 billion last year to a remarkable $2.42 billion.

Block Bitcoin Revenue Springs Back to Life

This boost in Bitcoin revenue constituted about 43% of the company’s total revenue. This was primarily driven by the robust performance of Block’s CashApp product. With revenue climbing 34% to $3.58 billion from $2.68 billion a year ago, CashApp has proven to be a key player in Block’s financial growth.

The company’s Bitcoin holdings in its corporate treasury also saw a notable increase, reaching a market value of $216 million. This figure is $114 million higher than the recorded book value. This discrepancy is due to accounting rules that are currently set to change.

These rules necessitate companies to record any Bitcoin price decrease as an impairment charge but prevent them from recognizing increased value until the assets are sold.

The firm’s stock (SQ) price also made a large recovery, reaching $51.15 in after-hours trading. This will be a relief for SQ holders. This is especially true after seeing it drop to long-term lows under $40 earlier this week.

Block Stock Price (SQ) Daily Chart. Source: TradingView
Block Stock Price (SQ) Daily Chart. Source: TradingView

Block’s Other Bitcoin Endeavors

In addition to these financial achievements, Block is also on the brink of releasing its flagship Bitcoin hardware wallet, BitKey. This innovative product is designed to provide users with secure and autonomous management of their crypto assets.

As one source notes,

“Block’s BitKey Wallet Near Public Release BitKey’s design aims to empower users with full control over their Bitcoin assets, eliminating the centralized middlemen. The wallet’s unique security strategy involves three keys: a mobile app key, a hardware key, and a server key, providing additional layers of security for cryptocurrency cold storage.”

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This move towards user empowerment and security underpins Block’s commitment to enhancing Bitcoin’s role in financial transactions. Platforms like Coinbase and Cash App will integrate BitKey wallet. This will enable direct Bitcoin withdrawals, further streamlining the process for users.


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