BH Token stolen funds funneled into Tornado Cash


Funds stolen in a prior exploit have reportedly been channeled into Tornado Cash, totalling an estimated 1,500 BNB now within the mixer.

Deposits into Tornado Cash

According to an Oct. 11 from Certik, an exploit occurred on BH Token (BlackHole token), resulting in an exploiter (0xFDb) acquiring $1.2 million USDT, which was later converted to BNB and deposited into Tornado Cash, an Ethereum-based privacy tool.

Now, in a follow-up development dated Oct. 19, the malicious actor responsible for the theft has channeled stolen funds into Tornado Cash, has deposited a total of 1,500 BNB into the mixing service so far. 

A subject of another alert

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Tornado Cash has made headlines for being part of a malicious attack in recent weeks.

On Sept. 11, another Certik alert went out about a wallet associated with over $24 million in stolen cryptocurrencies that had transferred 600 Ether (ETH) valued at approximately $936,000 into Tornado Cash.

Earlier in August, Tornado Cash founders also faced charges for money laundering tied to North Korea.

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