Analyst’s Red Flags And Failed Bullish Patterns


Ethereum (ETH) investors are bracing for a turbulent ride ahead as a well-regarded crypto analyst casts a shadow of doubt over the smart contract platform’s future. 

In a recent report, Nicholas Merten predicts that Ethereum has less than a year to break free from an ascending triangle pattern, a technical indicator that holds significant implications for the cryptocurrency’s trajectory.

The Enigma Of The Ascending Triangle Pattern

In a nutshell, an ascending triangle pattern is a chart formation that typically indicates an impending breakout. It forms when the price of an asset reaches higher lows, forming a rising trendline (the ascending side of the triangle), while facing resistance at a horizontal level (the flat top of the triangle). The longer the pattern persists, the more pressure builds for a decisive price move, either upwards or downwards.

Merten, a prominent voice in the crypto community, has been closely monitoring Ethereum’s performance against this crucial pattern. According to Merten, Ethereum’s inability to convincingly breach the resistance at around $2,000 is a cause for concern. 

“Ethereum cannot show up to the plate. It keeps getting shot down at around $2,000, and that’s okay for a while,” he emphasized.” But eventually, you’ve got to be able to either break out to the upside or, if you break through the ascending line of support to the downside, that spells bad news.”

ETHUSD trading at $1,622 as of Thursday, Sept. 14. Chart:

The Ethereum Exodus And Ambiguous Implications

Meanwhile, a separate report has presented a puzzling trend that adds to the uncertainty surrounding Ethereum. Approximately 640,000 ETH has recently exited exchanges, a move that could be interpreted as a bullish sign. This outflow suggests that investors might be hoarding Ethereum for the long haul, anticipating a future price surge.

However, caution is warranted. Ethereum’s long-term performance has not been impressive, with persistent bearish trends weighing it down. This raises questions about the credibility of the accumulation theory. While investors might be tempted to stock up on Ethereum at its current lower price point, they must tread carefully given the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market.

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $1,619, displaying a 1.7% gain over the past 24 hours, yet nursing a 1.0% loss in the seven-day period, according to CoinGecko.

The coming months will likely determine whether Ethereum will defy the odds, break free from its current constraints, and soar to new heights — or if it will succumb to the pressures outlined by Merten, leading to a collapse that could reshape the crypto landscape.

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