5 things to know before purchasing crypto 


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If you have even the slightest interest in finance or investments, there is a decent chance you heard of cryptocurrencies in the past decade. Bitcoin has become a household name, with its famous rallies captivating the public. 

That said, only a tiny minority understands how this asset class operates. A platform like Cryptocurrency Help is an asset when learning the ropes. Going into the crypto sector with information puts you at an inherent advantage and a suitable educational platform provides a foundational base for understanding everything blockchain.

This knowledge and reference are vital to avoiding costly errors that can be devastating to your bottom line.

Here are a few things to know before buying crypto for the first time: 

1. You are responsible for your coin security 

With great power comes great responsibility. 

The cryptocurrency sector is an embodiment of this statement. Users have unprecedented control over their financial assets but also run a great risk of losing to online scammers or hackers. Crypto scams are an unfortunate but inevitable part of this sector, and one must have their guard up from the start. 

By learning, one gains significant insight into coin security. These measures range from offline hardware storage for long-term crypto storage to using 2-factor authentication (2FA) on your accounts. These security measures are unavoidable for crypto holders who want to navigate this sector. 

It can be tough to trace crypto thieves since user records are not with centralized institutions, and transactions are usually irreversible. Therefore, learn everything about crypto security to avoid becoming an unfortunate statistic. 

2. Don’t always go with the hype

If you spend an hour on crypto twitter you would think it was paradise and Armageddon all at once. There are endless posts and articles online about how great this asset is or how much you are missing out on that asset. The hype that crypto enthusiasts can create is unrivaled. 

Suffice it to say, a project claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread might not be. There is plenty of promotional hype that can be very misleading. Always go with solid numbers when making decisions. These metrics could be the usage increases for a gaming platform and such substantial evidence that guides decision-making. Many cryptocurrencies have had hype-fueled rallies only to come crashing down when the rubber hits the road.

3. Learn to manage risk in day-trading

The risk levels in day trading are significant. There is a thin line between trading sustainably and punts that feel like gambling. Information is crucial in taking long or short positions, and a resource center can provide vital guidance. 

Managing risk and utilizing trading tools like stop loss is vital. You wouldn’t want your trading arc to turn into chasing losses. Learning the nuances and decision drivers of trading are crucial to your bottom line. 

4. Research crypto platforms before trusting them with your funds

Some of the largest crypto heists have been conducted by entities masquerading as legitimate platforms. These range from fraudulent exchanges to launching projects, crypto gambling platforms, and much more. Don’t always be in a rush to deposit money with a platform promising the world. Chances are that a platform seemingly too good to be true isn’t. 

The markers of legitimate platforms are easy to find. You could look at their track record, visibility of the leadership team, and overall professionalism and sometimes it can boil down to your gut instinct. Fraudulent or poorly thought-out platforms are a massive stain on this sector. Always perform thorough due diligence to ensure you don’t fall victim to such. 

5. Regulatory developments are vital for asset performance

The entire premise of Bitcoin and crypto was for the government not to stick its nose into your finances. As it turns out, the government really likes to stick its nose into your financial activity. 

Crypto platforms cannot operate without some governmental interference. These include licensing requirements, disclosure rules, taxation, securities laws concerns, and much more. The American regulator, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is perhaps the most significant regulator globally. Its crackdown on Ripple (XRP) in 2020 cast a cloud and stagnated XRP growth for a while. 

Therefore, it helps to know the crypto assets under regulatory scrutiny before making significant decisions. 

The big picture: knowledge is power 

In this industry, it helps to make informed decisions. Operating without accurate information can lead to financial ruin. Utilizing an online repository is crucial for gaining such insight. 

Finding the right balance between utmost security managed risk, and the ability to identify potential early is key. There are many crypto millionaires, but a sizable demographic has made a fortune and then lost it through recklessness. Take time to learn the above-listed factors and everything else you can about the crypto landscape. With the foundational information, you can consistently make sound decisions when handling your digital assets. 

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